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SIDE DISH - Truth or Dare (2004)
1. Big Surprise Download the song! 7. Pack Up Download the song!
2. Shock Me Download the song! 8. It Ends Right Now Download the song!
3. Hotshot Download the song! 9. Busted Download the song!
4. Maracas Download the song! 10. Don't Look Down Download the song!
5. Care At All Download the song! 11. Get Up Download the song!
6. Haunted Download the song!      

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Big Surprise - view full-screen

Today was just a normal day
It was your usual routine
Filled with love, hate, backstabs, and fake smiles
I've always stayed out of your way
Like a slow motion dream
I'm stuck in your bad scene

I've got a big surprise for you, yes I do
It's over now, and we are through
I bet you didn't see this cominí
So weíre done and now Iím runniní
You don't know how good it feels to get the best of you

So now that this is in the air
Do you like the way it feels?
Did it knock you off your high heels?
I can't believe you didn't see
Through the bushes and the trees
You only see your own needs

Stand up, face it
You got wasted
Say goodbye and donít you ever returnÖ